I enjoy leveraging my technical skills to bridge the gap between complex problems and business value creation. It naturally pushed me to thrive in the data science field.

My area of expertise is mainly focused around two areas :

For more details, you can find my resume here.


I have work experiences in investment banking and the tech industry. I also have been] collaborating with a wide range of positions including executives, PMs, engineering teams, field operations, etc.

I graduated from MINES ParisTech (the "French MIT") in 2015 where I went through a heavy training in Applied Mathematics and Economics. I also followed two courses at Stanford with the rise of deep learning applications (CS224n, CS231n).


During my free time I enjoy reading, watching my favorite shows on HBO (The Wire, The Sopranos, etc.), or discovering arts.

I am also a huge fan of soccer and practice it as much as possible.