I'm Mouad, a French Engineer from Paris, passionated about artificial intelligence, arts and soccer.

My strong background in math coupled with my passion for data/quantitative analysis have naturally pushed me to thrive in the data science field. I currently work as sr. data scientist at Tesla, where I enjoy enabling data-driven decision making with very diverse datasets.

My interests are various but mainly focused around two areas :

They have in common the need for a deep understanding of the data but also for the ability to take a step back and understand the "real" world. I started to populate my github with personal projects. The current ones (and upcoming) will deal with a variety of topics including natural language processing, computer vision, financial modeling, etc.


I graduated from MINES ParisTech (the "French MIT") in 2015 where I went through a heavy training in Mathematics, Physics and Economics.

I did three internships in total (two in finance, one in tech) all focused on data analysis. I have experience working with very large data sets and collaborating with both engineering teams and product/program managers.

You can find here my resume in PDF and my data stack below :


Amongst too many things, I'm a big fan of cinema and HBO TV shows including The Wire, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, etc. I enjoy discovering arts and never miss an occasion to attend a gallery exhibition.

I love soccer (I practice it a lot and watch when possible) and grew up being a fan of PSG for the connoisseurs. I also run half-marathons.

I try to travel as much as possible. Discovering new cultures, new ways of doing things has helped me a lot professionally but also personally. I enjoy capturing all those moments with my Nikon D5500 camera.